Detroit on Two Wheels
Check out the ascendancy of bike culture in the “Car Capital” Detroit. The “Slow Roll” in Detroit is bringing new folks’ connections to bike riding. In cities across the US, government support is now joining with activist and advocacy groups in the investment in biking infrastructure (like designating shared and protected bike lanes) to support the new generations and growing ranks of bike users.

Enjoy this well-made video on Bike Culture in Detroit

Here are local grassroots free-access bike rides that you can get involved in in your city:

Critical Mass- Chicago
Slow Roll- Detroit
Critical Mass- San Francisco
Transportation Alternatives- New York
Pedal Dancer- Boulder

Thanks to NBC News for producing this excellent and well-made video documentary on the Slow Roll and biking culture in Detroit. Here are some stills from the documentary:

Flywheel Bike Shop Owner The Hub WheelBuilding




The Empirical Opera will join Chicago’s CRITICAL MASS on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th

Our next organized event will be to ride in the Critical Mass on the evening before All Hallow’s Eve. Sould be a ghoulish good-time. We expect some scary, fun, and costumed characters may be overtaking the regular souls out on a haunting night. Bring snacks, bring your kids, bring your sense of fun and adventure and lets celebrate bike culture and awareness within Chicago.

ON FRIDAY 30th, MEET AT DALEY PLAZA from 5:30-6:00PM with our bikes.
Thats the plaza (with the big Picasso horse sculpture) at Dearborn & Washington Streets. You You basically can’t miss it; just look for 1,000+ bicyclists going in the same direction…

Click here for a printable map of our meeting site.


Views of the 10th Anniversary Critical Mass & Participants in 2008

Views of the 10th Anniversary Critical Mass & Participants in 2008