There is an old and wise saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

That applies to biking in winter. You don’t need special snow tires, or a rugged mountain bike or a heated bike seat (though lord, I have to believe that someone has invented that already!). All you need is a common sense approach to good layering (of clothing) and the will to presume that winter biking can be a pleasure. There are some other tricks of the trade: (ex: 1- bike fenders or splash guards are wonderful aids for keeping “road spit*” off your bike and off your back / 2- balaclavas are excellent for keeping windburn and frostbite off your face 3-selecting the right route is often more important than the bike or type of gear you select.

BIKE WINTER is a wonderful organization dedicated to aiding bicyclists who want to bike year round: see their website for more resources and advice how to prep for Winter Bike riding:

And I was honored to be invited to design their promotional sticker for 2016: The year of the Narwhal!  The Narwhal naturally being an appropriate Winter mascot as they live year round in the frigid waters of the northernmost arctic seas ( and are the deep sea divers adventuring into the coldest chilling deeps without a concern.

So I urge you to check out the BIKE WINTER website as prelude to the greater goal: that you get your butt (and a bike under it) out into the beautiful chilly Fall and Winter wonderlands that Chicgo’s environs become this time of year. I’ll meet you out on the streets for a joy ride or specific travel to explore somewhere new and fun and educational.

E-mail me if you’d like your very own copy of this sticker to sport on your bike; I’ll be happy to give you one for free.

See you out on the road…laughing with Old Man Winter and enjoying our annual reunion.

-Maestro Jay

* “Road spit” is the fine slushy mush that gets kicked up from your tires in rain or snow. It is totally avoidable.