Dear Friends and Members of the Empirical Opera-

Well, its been a while,…  After taking on a new job and a reorganization of my personal life there wasn’t much time left to keep the E.O. social & community activism blog and event meet-ups active last year. But all good things must come to a…rebirth?! At least we’re going to try it here and now.  You can expect to find some new content posted to the E.O. on a probably less frequent but still hopefully active basis, In that vein, please feel free to submit your own events for E.O. updates or send inquiries  by emailing me,  Jason Greenberg: As maestro of the E.O. I’ll try to post up relevant community events and opportunities as they come across my desk…and hope to see you out in Chicagoland soon at some of these great social and local community events.

Let the grand Opera continue!