Style is the mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward.” -Robert Frost

Style is managing to turn a “watch out for that banana peel,” feet-out-from-under-you, backwards, arms pinwheeling fall into a triple lutz that looks like you meant to do that.” -Jason Greenberg

Last years skating outings were such a big hit; we figured, lets not change a thing…

Thursdays 3:30-6:00pm skate to your heart’s content.

We are re-launching the the E.O. skating excursions starting this Thursday, Dec. 16th.

All interested Empirical Operans are invited to come (bring friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts) and feel the nip in your nose and catch a snowflake on the tip of your tongue as you skate in the beautiful outdoors at Warren Park Ice Skating Rink.

Bring your kids, bring your skates (or cheap $5 rental is available at the shop) for free skating sessions. The E.O. will host meet-ups at the Warren Park ice rink, weather permitting, for the entire Winter season through Sunday, Feb 27 (when the rink closes).

Warren Park
6601 N. Western Ave. (Map It)
$6 skate rental or free if you bring your own skates

Looking for a rink closer to home? See the Chicago Park District Rinks.
Submitted by E.O. members Vicki Walden & Jason Greenberg