And yet another Bee-Keeping Workshop. This one is free.

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Beekeeping in Chicago Workshop

Saturday October 23
Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 N. Sacramento

Backyard beekeeping is on the rise. From rooftops to backyard gardens, Chicagoans are in love with bees and their delicious byproducts.

Backyard beekeeping supports access to local food, provides ecosystem support and job training; however, small scale beekeeping is a part of a larger effort to protect bees from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), resulting in large scale bee loss. Bees are responsible for much of our agricultural food production. Backyard beekeeping can help keep bees healthy and protected from CCD and the suspected causes.

Learn from CCGT’s Green Tech University resident apiary expert John William Christman, M.D. with a hands-on demonstration of equipment, techniques and a generous supply of honey to consume! Even better, this workshop is completely free.

Register soon. Space is limited!
To register call (312) 746-9642, or email your desired class and contact information to with “Green Tech U” as the subject line.

Submitted by E.O. members: Britt Wiley, Kristen Pratt, Sameera Savarla and Sam Mattone (The C3 Team)