The hormone rBGH has been condemned by the American Public Health Association, American Nurses Association and numerous others due to its potential for increasing cancer risk and has already been banned from use in cows in countries around the world such as Canada, Australia, Japan and the 27 countries of the European Union.

American cows? They are given diets and injections with rBGH on a regular basis.

Why are we so far behind the curve? Of course, it’s all about money. The hormone rBGH, now sold by Eli Lilly, was developed by Monsanto to increase cows’ milk production (higher yield = higher profit margin).

Monsanto’s former attorney, Michael Taylor, was put in charge of FDA policy when rBGH was approved and proposed that a disclaimer be put on all rBGH free milk, claiming that ‘According to the FDA, there is no significant difference between the milk from cows injected with rbST compared to those not injected.’

Ohio, along with four other state governments, made Taylor’s suggestion a requirement. Because of Ohio’s high dairy production, the rule would have impacted national dairy standards had it been upheld. Ohio was the last state to maintain the law after an unsuccessful campaign backed by Monsanto a few years ago. Opposition to this rule helped bring attention to this important issue. Activists groups like FRESH  have lobbied for truth in labeling on packaging.

And now we have yet another victory for the whole food movement; this time, it’s over drugged milk.

FRESH sent nearly 3,000 letters to Gov. Strickland demanding that he cancel the absurd law which banned the use of the “rBGH free” label.  Just last week, a federal judge struck down the law, ruling that milk from cows treated with rBGH is compositionally different from untreated milk, and consumers have the right to know if they’re buying milk with synthetic hormones in it.

This is a major victory, and will hopefully set a serious precedent for labeling, especially in light of the battle against genetically modified salmon.  We will keep fighting!

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Post originally submitted by Lisa Madison, Distribution & Outreach Coordinator for FRESH