$85 billion Jobs Bill ignores transit funding

Dear Empirical Operans,

The Senate is pushing forward a major Jobs Bill, but it does nothing to solve our transit funding crisis. Not one dollar of the $85 billion addresses the severe service cuts that have resulted in major job losses.

The Jobs Bill needs to fund public transit with flexibility to fund transit operations.  Investments in public transportation produce twice as many jobs as investment in highway projects.

President Obama has said he is concerned that the goal of quickly boosting employment with shovel-ready projects may conflict with making long-term investments in America’s future. These results show that investing in public transportation produces the most return for the money in both categories:

* it is a more effective direct job creator; and
* it builds the transportation systems we need for the future.

-Smart Growth America

Please speak out and let our elected representatives know that investments in transportation mean more than highway repairs and individual user/car-focused infrastructure. Alternative transportation options–especially public transportation systems–should be the focus of much of our public funded investments for the future.

More info on this issue at Smart Growth America

Please Act Now!
Urge Senators Dick Durbin and Roland Burris to save jobs by saving transit!

Sen. Richard Durbin: 202.224.2152 or 312.353.4952
Sen. Roland Burris: 202.224.2854 or 312.886.3506

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