Its a momentous time for Greywater Systems (energy-efficient, resource-conserving plumbing systems that reuse water for secondary purposes within the house before shunting it into the city’s wastewater stream). There have been complex code and zoning regulations and legal blocks hindering implementation of greywater systems in Chicago. But the tide is turning; See the first city permit-approved rain-water capturing/greywater system implemented in the Yannell Zero Net Energy Residence designed by Doug Farr & Associates.

Yannell Zero Net Energy Residence designed by Doug Farr & Associates

This project is being tested and studied to gather information about the energy efficiencies and operational data about grey-water systems so that it may be replicated and adapted for future Green Architecture projects and for the redevelopment of residences and commercial structures in Chicago.

ALSO, there is a Greywater Workshop happening at the Chicago Center For Green Technology this Thursday, its free and open to the public and NOW is a great time to be learning and disseminating information about Greywater systems.
Recommended by E.O. member, Mark Miller!

Greywater Harvesting Systems in Residential Buildings
November 19, 2009  /  6:00-8:00 pm  / FREE 

Speakers: John R. Bauer & Stuart Bailin
Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions

Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 N. Sacramento Blvd.

Here are some of the elements of the Yannell House’s Greywater system:1. Pipes capture rainwater runoff from the roof.
2.& 3. Timer valves allow a 5 min delay for debris washout into sewers- the solenoid valves open and the system captures the rainwater into the house’s greywater system.4. Pressure sensors detect stability of the waterflow through the micron filters.
5. Water level sensor on greywater tank toggles bwtweeen bypass or city-water intake to compensate for dry spells. Then diverts rainwater into a 550 gallon greywater cistern.