The New Messengers

Tuesday, November 17th at 9:30pm
2421 N. Milwaukee Ave. / Logan Square /  773-227-3530

FREE show, celebrate the release of their premiere EP, “Cyclery”

Recommended by E.O. member, Eve Ludwig!

Co-founded by Clarence Fraher and Joe Nio, two survivors of the 90’s Richmond, VA indie rock scene, and named after an early Fassbinder propaganda film, the New Messengers (members of the rainy day collective) are almost a collective in themselves. Anchored by bassman Jamison Spencer and Jessica Fitzgerald, a piano prodigy who trained as a child deep in old-bloc Eastern Virginia, and with a rotating cast of collaborators – the latest, drummer Chris Schneberger + re-joined on vocals by former drummer Kris Scott. The New Messengers are known to bring any number of friends on-stage with them. This show marks the release of their first EP, ‘Cyclery’

The New Messengers’ Facebook Event Page and myspace page.

Also playing that night: Pinstripe 45s

Pinstripe 45s is the creative offspring of Marshall Hanbury, Jr, a self-described “modern traditionalist”

and veteran of the Chicago music scene for the last decade. Hanbury, along with a cadre of his closest musical allies, illuminates his sepia-tinted world on the P45’s debut album, Through the Darkened Window.

Musically, the Darkened Window itself is Hanbury’s portal to the soundtrack of his life—the golden age of rock music—

thanks in no small part to the canny, painstaking production of Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, Tom Waits). While the music is a folk kaleidoscope, both magical and mysterious, Hanbury firmly connects his storytelling with the immediacy of modern love and loss. The retro/modern dichotomy of Pinstripe 45s will summon Dylan for some, David Gray for others. Hanbury channels the style and panache of the artists he holds most dear, but his uniqueness as an artist radiates in his empathy for the feminine psyche, an empathy that permeates his tales of lost and found love.

Hanbury’s appreciation for the craft of songwriting, along with his never-ending love affair with music itself, shines through on his new release, available for purchase or download on November 17, 2009.