Dear Empirical Operans-

We are fast approaching the end of the year and slipping into that cozy holiday nesting zone.

The E.O. does have one more official field trip planned for the end of this year that will be a walk in the Devon Woods and deer & coyote-spotting (more info to follow).

So its Now TIME FOR YOUR INPUT! This social outing club was started for us to share ideas and visit favorite places, institutions and events; whether they be secret backyard chicago speakeasies or the city-wide events that make our city so great.

This week is the week for member suggestions.

Please respond with 1-2 suggestions for a great field trip to plan for 2010. The E.O. will help you organize and promote the event, but we need your ideas and expertise and experience.

Please send suggestions to

List the basic description of an intriguing field trip and provide any procedural details (the when? why? where?).

We will collect all these suggestions and follow up with organizing to plan them into next years E.O. activities schedule.

Please take a few moments to submit your ideas! We are counting on your contributions to keep the E.O. active and full of great things to do…