I teach a sustainable design course in which the students use bicycles to explore the city of Chicago and investigate various green institutions, events and concepts. My students truly are the “Green Generation” (a much more interesting cultural moniker than my gen’s nihilistic “Generation-X”). Its great to see their enthusiasm for learning about—and promoting—healthier lifestyles, and the adaptation to a more sustainable society. Their expectations that businesses, government, cities, and individuals all need to be changing lifestyle habits, modes of production and consumption to be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly is truly inspiring. Above is a very nice illustration by one of my students (props to you Matt Ericks!). 

Our field trips have included tours of The City Hall Green Roof, The Green Depot, The Chicago Center for Green Technology, Ciclo Urbano, Millenieuum Park’s Bicycle Station and Exelon Pavillions, biking Chicago’s Emerald Necklace and participating in the Chicago Critical Mass.

“There is no Green-ing, there is only being.”     -Jason Greenberg

Students in Chicago's Sept. 2009 Critical Mass

Students in Chicago's Sept. 2009 Critical Mass