Welcome to the Empirical Opera!

One aspect of “Going Green” is being aware of the environment, connecting with communities and involving yourself in the world. Activity leads to awareness.

This blog is the communications and documentation nexus for a community of individuals in Chicago interested in exploring our city and utilizing its resources as a learning laboratory.

For insight into our mission, consider:

Empirical:: guided by experience or experiment / dependent on observation

Opera:: an extended dramatic composition

We see the great wonder and drama of life as unfolding for those who get out and get active with a seeking, observing and volunteering perspective. Want to know more? Get involved? Join Us!

Learn about E.O.’s activities and get periodic updates about field trips you can be involved in! Sign up and be a zombie biker, pirate paddler or fairy explorer (these opportunities explained as you learn about our events) as you investigate and promote Green Events in Chicago’s social, cultural and political life.  

To get more information, join our group, and receive announcements about upcoming events, send inquiries to artworksdesign@ameritech.net

-Jason Greenberg,  Empirical Opera Founder